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Brass, Nickel, or Pewter Cabinet Knobs – Which Is Best?

 |  Furniture Tips
close up of kitchen counter and cabinets in rust brown with stainless steel cabinet handles

There are plenty of options when customers need to select a cabinet handle material and finish. Some of the most popular materials of choice include brass, nickel and pewter. Each of these offer various aesthetics and practical benefits. Whether it’s for kitchens, bedroom drawers, living rooms or more, it’s important to know the difference between these cabinet handle materials, and how they benefit a user’s needs.

As a leading UK supplier, we offer a range of kitchen cabinet handles. These all come in various finishes from renowned industry brands. With this in mind, we have put together a blog below to help you learn more about these key materials and their advantages.


Brass is an excellent choice for a luxury metal. It is often hailed as an interior design material that is classy and timeless. It is incredibly popular due to its resistance to rust and corrosion. As long as the product isn’t submerged in water or exposed to salty environments, brass can last for well over 100 years. Brass is also an easy metal to clean with plenty of brass polishes available on the market.

With its’ bright appearance and long-lasting nature, it is no wonder that leading brands have opted for brass. For example, M Marcus’ Heritage Brass collection is their signature range. It is regularly praised for its exquisite designs and durability. These key features that every consumer looks for make brass the perfect choice for a cabinet handle.


Nickel is a super metal and is often used as a strengthening agent of many allows. Differing from brass, nickel offers a silver finish that is best suited to traditional interiors. The super metal is strong, allowing it to withstand high amounts of force without breaking. This ensures durability in nickel cabinet handles to create long-lasting furniture pieces. Nickel cup handles and knobs are easy to clean, with a soft cloth and water completing the job.

When used as a finish, nickel produces a slightly warm tone with users comparing it to traditional sterling silver. The exclusivity of the metal makes it an appealing choice. It is particularly suited for kitchen cabinet handles within luxury top-end homes. At SCF Hardware, we stock a range of nickel cup handles within our collection of cabinet knobs. These also come with various finishes for your application.


Pewter is a versatile metal that is often used for artistic, crafted pieces. Pewter cup handles and furniture pieces are great to achieve a classic, rustic aesthetic. Pewter cabinet knobs only need an occasional wipe with warm soapy water and buff dry. We do not recommend using Solvent cleaners and aerosols as they can cause irreversible damage.

Our selection of finesse handles are the perfect pewter option for a traditional aesthetic with a quirky, contemporary look. The Finesse range does not apply any plating to their pewter cabinet knobs and handles, so customers do not have to worry about their purchases rusting.

Still unsure which material is best for your project? We have an extensive range of brass, nickel, pewter cabinet knobs and more at our online store. This provides you with the option to choose the best-suited metal for both commercial and residential use. Some of our best-known brands for these products include Carlisle Brass, Alexander and Wilks, and Furnipart Handles. Not to mention, the M Marcus Heritage Brass collection.

For advice with fitting a cabinet handle material and finish to your project, contact us. Fill out our contact form or send us an email at today.

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