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4 Tips to Make Your Furniture Safe and Sturdy

 |  Furniture Tips

It’s important to make your furniture safe and sturdy, not only will it last longer, it can prevent accidents. It’s also a relatively simple process and will save you money in the long run. Check out our 4 tips to make your furniture safe and sturdy:

  1. Purchase extra furniture fixings and fittings

These days, most furniture bought comes as a flat pack, with an assembly guide and the necessary fixings. To ensure your furniture remains safe and study, browse our range of furniture fittings and stock up on extra brackets, shelf supports, table fittings and more.

We also stock door handles and knobs – a great way to strengthen wardrobes and cupboards is to replace them with new hardwearing uPVC, metal or wood door handles, such as Pewter door handles, so you’ll never have a stuck drawer or missing handle again.

To create a sturdier table, replace the table fittings with metal plates and screws and invest in thick, durable turned table legs, which come unfinished so you can match the colour to your table top.

  1. Tighten up the furniture fittings

Another great way to make your furniture sturdier and less likely to fall apart, is to check and tighten the furniture fixings. If you’ve had heavy items on top of the furniture for a while, it’s likely the screws have loosened and could do with tightening. Remove everything from the furniture first and then screw it tighter.

  1. Anchor your furniture

Prevent dressers and wardrobes from tipping over and causing injury by anchoring it to the wall. In the US, it’s estimated 33,000 consumers a year are injured from unstable furniture! If you have a wardrobe or dresser, remove the first drawer and screw the back into the wall. Alternatively, secure it with brackets, braces or wall straps. It’s also best to mount TV’s to the wall so there’s no chance of it toppling off a stand.

  1. Furniture that is well balanced

Other ways to ensure your furniture doesn’t fall over is by choosing items that have a solid base and wide legs to keep them well balanced. Any items that are front heavy or have dangerous items placed on top such as a television or mirror should take these precautions. There’s no need to replace the furniture with something brand new – at SCF Hardware we stock wide turned table legs supplied with the necessary furniture fixings for easy construction.

We provide hundreds of furniture fixings and fittings at SCF Hardware to make your furniture safer and sturdier. Browse our online store or view our catalogues, then order online or call us on 0800 298 7141 for more information.