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What is Furniture Hardware? The Ultimate Guide

 |  Furniture Tips

As a trusted supplier for over 25 years, we know the ins and outs of furniture hardware and are experts on the ideal fittings for durable, hardwearing pieces of furniture.

What is Furniture Hardware?

Furniture hardware is the fixings, fittings and individual pieces needed to create a working, durable piece of furniture. Table legs and shelf brackets for example, are pieces of furniture hardware that manufacturers will purchase separately (often in bulk) to build their perfect item of furniture. We offer 7 major categories of furniture hardware:

How to Clean Furniture Hardware

To clean furniture hardware, you need to establish the material of which it is made from.

  • To clean wooden furniture hardware such as wooden dowels, mouldings and corbels, use a mixture of water and vinegar.
  • To clean brass furniture hardware such as brass handles and knobs use a mixture of water and baking soda.
  • To clean copper furniture hardware such as copper door knobs and cabinet hinges use a mixture of lemon, ketchup or vinegar.
  • To clean ceramic furniture hardware, such as ceramic door and drawer knobs, simply wipe with a damp cloth.
  • To remove rust from metal furniture hardware, leave it to soak in a solution of vinegar or lemon juice and borax.

Once cleaned, wipe down with a dry cloth to remove any residue.

Can you Paint Furniture Hardware?

You can paint furniture hardware no matter the material, but we recommend always choosing specialist paints from a hardware store.

How to Paint Furniture Hardware?

You can paint furniture hardware how you would paint any other piece of furniture. Choose smaller brushes to suit the size of the hardware, and cover holes with painter’s tape to prevent it from damage. Wooden furniture hardware suits gloss paints as it makes them easier to clean, and metal always needs a primer to ensure the paint doesn’t flake.

How to Refinish Furniture Hardware

Refinish your wooden furniture hardware to make it look brand new with specialist oils. Other materials rarely need anything other than a good clean, but wood colour fades over time. We recommend the Rubio Monocoat oil, a natural solution that protects and enhances the wood. Cover with one coat of wood oil and you’re good to go!

For more information about furniture hardware or advice about maintaining it, please get in touch on 0800 298 7141or browse our online store with hundreds of furniture hardware products. Shop online and get free delivery when you spend over £120!