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Tips For Reducing Virus Transmission On Furniture Hardware

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As a furniture fittings company still operating through the pandemic, we know just how important virus safety is for our customers. In particular, if you are a business delivering or handling furniture hardware, there are precautions you must take. Take a look below at some of our tips and products for reducing virus transmission.

Bacterial disinfectant spray

As we are aware the virus can last up to several days on surfaces, using disinfectant spray is essential. Unlike using wipes, sprays ensure you cover more surface areas when cleaning furniture hardware. Especially with commonly touched furniture fittings such as pull handles and knobs, the requirement to keep these sanitised prevails. We currently have Clover Bacterial Disinfectant Spray available at our online store. This Clover cleaning product is suitable for use on all washable touch surfaces. Due to being chlorine-free, this product is perfect for use on most furniture fittings and hardware. This includes doorknobs, handles, and various other applications. It is best to check the material you are looking to apply the bacterial disinfectant spray on first, to ensure it is suitable for use. Certain materials may be more suited for using wipes, although the cleaning coverage will be less.

Use gloves when handling furniture

When delivering goods, or packaging furniture fittings and hardware, it’s important to use gloves. These help reduce transmission due to their being no direct contact with furniture surfaces. Our recommendation is to use blue nitrile disposable gloves which are powder-free. This is because once removing them, you won’t have powder staining on clothes and surfaces. Nitrile gloves also offer superior resistance in terms of durability and punctures. SCF Hardware stock Blue Nitrile Disposable Gloves which are ideal for this. Each pack contains 50 gloves and you can purchase these in large or extra-large sizes.

Frequently use hand sanitizer

Our hands come into contact with surfaces thousands of times a day. If you are handling furniture hardware, keeping hands frequently disinfected with hand sanitizer will reduce the chance of transmission. Purell fragrance-free hand sanitiser is suitable for use in many different applications. From hospitals to kitchens, public buildings, industrial sites, and more, it’s always handy to have one on the go. It’s also an alternative if you are not using blue nitrile disposable gloves. You can buy Purell Fragrance Free Hand Sanitizer online at SCF Hardware.

Wearing face masks when delivering

Wearing face masks is now an enforced regulation worldwide. For businesses that deliver products, face masks must be worn when coming into contact with others. Sold in packs of 50, we recently stocked up on breathable face masks. These help lessen the spread of the virus from face to hands contact. Made of a comfortable material, these breathable face masks have filtered 3 PLY protection.

Although we are a furniture fittings company, we started stocking these essential products amid the pandemic. Viruses are more likely to survive longer on hard surfaces such as furniture hardware. With the circumstances we are all living through today, proper sanitisation is necessary. Not only to keep customers or employees safe but to keep ourselves safe too. Contact us today for further information on our listed products or to find out if items are in stock. Get in touch by emailing or calling 0800 298 7141. Hurry whilst stocks last!