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The Importance Of Oiling Wooden Furniture

 |  Furniture News

Wood oil is a specific type of oil that is suitable for application on wooden materials. Although required less often, wooden furniture still needs maintenance to ensure its durability. This is where wooden furniture oil plays an important role. Discover the main reasons why oils for wooden furniture have a significant impact on the material’s durability.

Maintaining good furniture condition

Using furniture oil is key to maintaining the condition of the wood. Oil for wooden furniture penetrates deep into the material. Compared to finishes or polishes that leave a lacquer type layer on the surface, wood oil does not sit on top. As a result, the oil leaves a more natural and translucent look. As well as this, the oil also serves as a wood protector. This is because it seeps into the wood offering much better surface protection from moisture or scrapes.

Removing the build-up of dirt and wax

Many often opt for using a polish to improve the appearance of wooden surfaces. However, after a while, the polish builds up and has the opposite effect. When wax or dirt builds up over time on wooden furniture the impact is a worn-out appearance. Neglecting to remove the build-up properly will only make the furniture look old and dull. Natural wood oils are the most effective at removing built-up dirt and wax. Because of this, it’s particularly important to use oil for wooden furniture when using polishing products. This will help remove any stubborn wax, dirt, or silicone build-up and keep the wood looking fresh.

We stock a selection of products from the Rubio Monocoat wood protector range which can be used on a variety of wood surface types and are environmentally friendly. Rubio Monocoat oils are some of the most popular on the market and offer an easy application process.

Revitalising the appearance of furniture

Wood oils help to enhance the aesthetics of old-looking furniture. They are important for restoring the depth of grain, as well as colour and shine. These types of oil for wooden furniture also assist in helping the material retain a ‘forever new’ appearance. This makes oiling furniture made of wood an essential method of revitalising and prolonging its beauty.

So, not only do natural furniture oils work as a type of wood protector, but they also are an important factor for maintenance and appearance. If you are looking for high-quality oils for wooden furniture, shop our Rubio Monocoat oils and protection products online today. For recommendations or further information on the Rubio Monocoat products, contact us. Call 0800 298 7141 and a friendly member of our sales department will be able to assist you. You can also send enquiries to