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The Benefits of Soft Close Fittings

 |  Furniture News

Soft close fittings are a feature every home should have.

Cabinets and draws are something we all use every day in our homes without second thought, but with continued use comes wear and tear. Learn why soft close fittings, including soft close sliding mechanisms, soft close hinges and draw runners are so important to reduce damage to your furnishings.

Increasing the life of cabinets, doors and furnishings 

Soft close fittings are often overlooked, but they are dramatically increasing the life of your cabinets, draws, doors and home furnishings.

Soft close draw runners, cabinet hinges and sliding mechanisms allow for more gentle and seamless opening and closing, reducing the stress and weight during use. The benefit for you are home furnishings that last longer, with less marks, scuffs and damage. The ability to cushion and protect your expensive home furnishings will save you money in the long-run and keep your home looking beautiful. Explore soft close draw runners, hinges and sliding door mechanisms suitable for any home to prolong the life of your furnishings by reducing the effects of wear-and-tear.

Keeping calm at home

Aside from practicality and cost saving, soft close fittings will help keep your home peaceful.

We understand that slamming doors and drawers is a right of passage growing up, a key expression during tantrums or arguments, but, with soft close hinges and draw runners you can reduce both the damage and racket in your home. Soft close mechanisms mean gentle and peaceful usage of home furnishings every time, maintaining protection and a more tranquil home environment.

Maintaining the feel of luxury

After spending a lot of money on your ideal home cabinets, sliding doors and new drawers it isn’t long before the original swift and smooth mechanisms begin to become clunky and loud. Wear-and-tear can be soul destroying, which is why soft close fittings are crucial to preserving and protecting the original shop standard of your home furnishings.

To find out more about soft close fittings, including soft close cabinet runners, hinges and door mechanisms visit SCF Furnishings today, for the highest quality of products to preserve and maintain your home. Speak to a friendly team member on 0800 298 7141 or via email