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Steel, Brass And Aluminium Hinges. Which Is Best?

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When it comes to sourcing hinges such as cabinet hinges, there are a variety of materials to consider. Each material will be designed for use in several applications. Discover the most common metals used to manufacture hinges, their benefits, and which applications they are most suited to.

Steel Hinges Benefits and Applications

Steel is regarded as superior to many other materials used for hinges. This is because of its robustness as a metal, and its resistance and strength to corrosion. Because steel is highly durable, it is able to withstand harsh environments. Steel hinges also have an aesthetic appeal which means they can maintain in excellent condition, unlike other materials. Overtime, the appearance of steel is not tarnished as it is one of the most hard wearing hinge materials available. Due to their quality, steel hinges can often be slightly more expensive than other materials, however they are in fact one of the most cost effective solutions as they last longer.

From flush hinges, to butt hinges, cabinet hinges and more, steel is guaranteed to perform for longevity. This makes steel hinges perfect for heavy duty applications, commercial environments and domestic environments, such as bathrooms, kitchens, and homes, where a long lasting product is required. Steel can also be tailored with a range of finishing options to suit specific styles and aesthetics.

Brass Hinges Benefits and Applications

Brass is a ductile metal which works well to provide a strong and reliable hinge. It is easily mouldable whilst still remaining resilient to breakage. Brass hinges are also highly resistant to corrosion and do not tend to rust. As well as being sturdy, they also lend a quality aesthetic look. For classic home styles, brass hinges match well alongside antique designed ironmongery and structures. Brass is also available in a range of finishes making it more versatile for visual appeal.

Brass butt hinges are one of the most common type of hinges installed in domestic environments. As a result, brass hinges are most suitable for a range of domestic applications such as cabinet fittings, furniture and windows.

Aluminium Hinges Benefits and Applications

Aluminium is a lightweight, durable metal made from alloys which are resistant to corrosion and different climates. Even when exposed to moisture, aluminium is found to withstand oxidisation. This maximises the performance and endurance of aluminium hinges over time. They are also on average 40% lighter in weight than steel hinges, making them a suitable alternative for circumstances where cost and function may not be applicable. In addition, aluminium is a cost-effective hinge material. As aluminium can be recycled the lifetime is extended meaning money can be saved on resources thereafter use.

Due to their strength and resistance, aluminium hinges are suited to a variety of applications. These include cabinet hinges, outdoor furniture and applications, residential environments, and commercial applications. Heavy duty aluminium is also widely used in commercial environments due to a fire rating of up to 3 hours.

How to select the right hinges

When selecting hinges, the first step is to consider what application you will need the hinge for. Each material used for hinges has its own benefits and functions most suited for. Whether it be cabinet hinges, flush hinges or for furniture fittings, it is essential you match accordingly for the correct purpose. This will ensure you maximise the durability of the product, as well as receiving optimum performance.

If you are still unsure on which metal would be most suitable for cabinet hinges, or a specific environment, get in touch with SCF Hardware. We will recommend the best hinge material for your desired applications. Call 0800 298 7141 or email for more information on the manufactured hinges available. You can also sign up for a free trade account to gain access to the most exclusive trade prices and offers for an extensive range of products.