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How to Restore, Repair or Remove Furniture Hardware

 |  Furniture Tips

Furniture hardware are essential components of furniture that get it looking and working correctly. From the fittings to the mechanisms needed to create a piece of furniture, such as table legs and cabinet hinges, there are ways to make it last longer. Whether you want to restore or repair it, update or remove it, SCF Hardware provide essential advice to manage furniture hardware:

How to Restore Furniture Hardware

Have you got scratched wooden table legs or grimy brass handles? To restore furniture hardware to its former glory, the first step is to remove it and give it a good clean. Any metal hinges, cabinet pulls and door knobs can be restored easily with an effective cleanser and polish, and takes minimal time. Kitchen table legs and more of faded wood can be restored with an oil wood finish, but this can be time consuming and often requires many layers of oil. However, the revolutionary Rubio Monocoat oil wood finish can protect and enhance the wood in just one layer and only takes 7 days to cure with the additional Rubio Monocoat Accelerator!

How to Repair Furniture Hardware

You can also repair wood furniture hardware with Rubio Monocoat, as it can be applied to any scuffs or scratches without having to sand and coat the entire product. You wouldn’t be able to tell it was damaged and it’s available in a wide variety of colours, so you can always try and match your existing aesthetic.

Drawer handles and pulls often become looser with age, and can be repaired easily. Remove the handle or pull and replace the screw, or if the screw is part of it, remove it entirely and make the hole tighter with a hole plug. Hinges can also be repaired by using longer screws.

How to Remove Furniture Hardware

Removing modern furniture hardware can be as easy as removing the screws, just keep an eye on where each part came from so you don’t forget just in case you need to put it back together! However, removing hardware from antique furniture is complicated due to the age of the fittings originally used. These are often irreplaceable, and cannot be used in alongside modern screws.

How to Distress Furniture Hardware

Distress your furniture hardware to create shabby chic effect, which can be executed on nearly any brand new or old fitting, but easiest to create on cast iron. Distress cast iron door knobs, bow handles and coat hooks for example, by painting them white, but not leaving it to dry. Any type of white paint can be used, and depending on how thick the layer is, leave for a few minutes and wash off. The paint will stick to some parts and not others, creating shabby chic!

How to Update Furniture Hardware

Update your furniture hardware with high quality products from a specialist furniture fittings company such as SCF Hardware. We stock all types of fittings in classic and modern designs with easy applications and a dedicated support team to guide you through your decision.

Order furniture hardware online at SCF Hardware, with orders over £120 receiving free shipping. Alternatively call us on 0800 298 7141.