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How To Choose The Right Cabinet Handles & Knobs For Your Products

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Selecting the right knobs and cabinet door handles can often be overlooked on household fitting jobs, but it is these final touches that make the client most satisfied and likely to further recommend your professional furniture craftsmanship. Door handles and knobs are always on the exterior of your home furnishings and cabinets and are always on show, which is why customers are often so concerned with the finish of their home furnishings. Selecting the most suitable handles should always be an important consideration for your craft.

Not only must cabinet handles and knobs be aesthetically pleasing they need to provide satisfaction on a functional and reliable level.

With a plethora of available cabinet door handles and furniture finishing options knowing which ones to recommend and install for your clients can often be a daunting process. Our simple guide will help you to consider factors to ensure client satisfaction you may not have even thought about.

What you should consider when installing cabinet handles and knobs

Most often customers will want to match the cabinet door handles and knobs with the design and finish of the cupboard or cabinet itself. Whilst it would be a slightly simpler task to select cabinet doorknobs on visual style alone, the additional consideration of shape, material and quality can make the decision more complex. SCF Hardware often a wide range of cabinet handles that are sure to meet your customer’s needs on a visual, style and shape basis.

Why home style is always an important consideration in the selection of cabinet door knobs and handles

Style is always an important consideration for homeowners when your work is adding to their home interiors. There are three main categories of style: traditional, modern and transitional. At SCF Hardware we always recommend that you do your research before beginning cabinet or furniture installations at a customer’s property; by understanding the current home style your recommendations will be valued and trusted.

To help you distinguish between your customer’s home style here is a brief SCF Hardware description of the three core categories:

  1. Traditional home styles are often based on older architectural features, which frequently creates a more rustic visual aesthetic using calm and soothing colours. Selecting cabinet doorknobs and finishing to adhere to traditional interior styles cast iron knobs and brass handles are good recommendations.
  2. Modern home styles often incorporate strong horizontal compositions with large open plan spaces. The overall look is often sleeker and cleaner where stainless steel metal and chrome cabinet doorknobs are frequent features.
  3. Transitional home styles are a blend of contemporary and traditional furnishings, finishes and materials. This style is often associated with timelessness and classic visual design, it is important to install and recommend cabinet handles and doorknobs that blend in with their surroundings, these can be either of traditional or modern design.

The concept of visual contrast often creates a fantastic finish that your customer will be pleased with. If the cabinets you are installing are a lighter colour, why not try contrasting them with darker cabinet door handles (and vice versa). Just an idea that the SCF Hardware team believes creates happy customers and a professional finish to your craftsmanship.

Why cabinet door handle shape and texture are always important

A further aspect of visual design and professional finish is the shape and texture of cabinet doorknobs and handles, whilst it may not always seem so important these aspects can completely transform the look, feel and finish of cabinet and furnishing installations.

In attempting to achieve more modern aesthetics longer, sleeker and simplistic handle designs are more suitable and consistent. Contrastingly for a traditional finish the cabinet door handles will often utilise a textured finish.

Cost can often be a deciding factor in the selection of door knobs and cabinet handles

As with most bespoke home furnishing work and professional furniture craftmanship pricing can often be a large dictator of the chosen cabinet door handles, fixings and home finish. It is always recommended to plan how many handles and cabinet knobs your job requires and the agreed budget before browsing and ordering cabinet door handles for your valued customers.

As with an array of available styles, colours, materials and finishes cabinet doorknobs and handles come in varying prices.

Selecting the right cabinet handles and door knobs for your customers

We hope our tips for selecting the most appropriate cabinet door handles and knobs to meet your customer’s needs helps make your work stand out in professionalism and quality. At SCF Hardware we believe that every aspect of a home installation or renovation job should be carefully planned and considered.

We are proud to be stockists of a wide range of cabinet handles and knobs which we are confident will meet the every need of your customer. If you need further help discussing the selection of cabinet doorknobs simply call one of our friendly and knowledgeable team members who are always happy to help and provide recommendations.

Find out more about SCF Hardware and why we are your first choice for furniture and cabinet knobs and handles. Call us today on 0800 298 7141 or via email at and one of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.