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How to Choose Cabinet Hardware

 |  Furniture Tips

There are two core components of cabinet hardware to consider; cabinet hinges and cabinet handles. Cabinet hinges will affect how your cupboard opens and close, and cabinet hinges contribute to the overall design of your kitchen. Cabinet hardware may not be the first thing you think of for your kitchen design, but it will impact the way you use your kitchen and how it looks.


Cabinet hinges typically come in 5 different styles. We’ve chosen 5 examples to help you pick the right cabinet hardware:

  • Full Overlay Concealed Cabinet Hinge – Used by most kitchen manufacturers as it conceals the cabinet, the doors are attached to the cupboard door edge allowing it to be completely in line with the edge of the cabinet.
  • Half Overlay Concealed Cabinet Hinge – Similar to the full overlay but it allows the door to be mounted either side of the panel, exposing half of the side panel.
  • Inset Concealed Cabinet Hinge – This hinge allows the cupboard door to be set inside the cabinet frame to show the cabinet edge fully, and is ideal for traditional wood cupboards or glass display cabinets.
  • Blind Corner Cabinet Hinge – For base or wall applications without a corner post, which enables the door to open 95 degrees for easy access to contents.
  • Bi-Fold Corner Cabinet Hinge – Ideal for cabinets with carousels or double door corner cabinets.


Many cabinet hinges are also available in standard or soft close for an easier open and close function. Once you’ve chosen your cabinet hinges, it’s time to think about the aesthetics of your cabinet door. Cabinet door handles and knobs come in a variety of materials, including chrome, ceramic, brass and more. Specific types of materials will accentuate the style of the door, for example, a pewter or a brushed bronze handle may make a white cabinet stand out more than a glass handle. Considerations when choosing cabinet hardware include:

Style of Cabinet Handle or Knob

Do your cupboards have a traditional or contemporary or transition feel? If traditional, we recommend antique, pewter, bronze or bushed nickel cabinet handles. If contemporary, choose stainless steel, satin chrome, satin nickel or polished brass.


We offer a range of different styles of cabinet handles and knobs, either of which function equally but will be up to your personal preference. From bar and pull to cup and bow, we stock cabinet handles with simple or complex designs. Cabinet knobs can have flat, round, square or diamond shape heads and come with various grooves such as this beehive cabinet knob.

How to Measure Cabinet Hardware

Before you purchase your new cabinet hinges, handles or knobs, ensure you’ve got the right measurements with you. Follow the steps below:

  1. Count how many hinges you’ll need per door. 2 are ideal for regular sized cabinet doors, but large ones may require three. Count how many cabinet handles or knobs you need.
  2. If you’re replacing cabinet hardware, measure the current distance between existing screws or holes. If it’s new, anything suits!
  3. Don’t forget to purchase the right size screws.

How to Change Cabinet Hardware

Changing cabinet hardware is relatively easy, especially if you’re sticking to the measurements of screws for hinges and door handles or knobs. If not, fill and camouflage the existing screw holes with wood filling putty.

Where to Buy Cabinet Hardware

Buy cabinet hardware from reputable suppliers, and those that have a wide range for you to choose from. SCF Hardware offer over a 100 different types of cabinet handles and knobs, and hinges in essential sizes and durable materials. Buy in bulk from us and receive free shipping on orders over £120! Get in touch for help on choosing cabinet hardware by calling 0800 298 7141.