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Door Hinges Buying Guide

 |  Furniture Tips

When choosing door hinges for a commercial or residential property, it’s important to consider the functionality required. There are a range of options available that will all operate slightly differently. Before choosing a hinge, you should think about which will suit your project most effectively.

At SCF Hardware we offer a wide range of hinges to cater for various applications, such as cabinet door hinges and hinges for doors. To help you decide, we’ve put together a useful door hinges buying guide to help you learn more about each type of hinge and its advantages.

Flush hinges

One of the most popular types of hinges we sell at SCF is flush hinges. Flush hinges are small fixings that are perfect for lightweight doors or as a cabinet door hinge. Most door hinges require what’s known as a recess. This is a notch in the doorframe where a hinge attaches and means that the door sits flush to the frame without a gap. The main advantage of a flush hinge is that you do not need to create a recess in the doorframe.

Cabinet door hinges

Choosing a hinge for a cabinet may have slightly different requirements than a regular door hinge. For example, a wall mounted cabinet may need to open upwards rather than sideways. To do this the cabinet door hinge needs to be able to hold its position when opened and have a soft close mechanism to stop the cabinet door from slamming shut.

Butt hinge

The most common type of hinge you will find on most doors is a butt hinge. They are popular because they are strong, easy to install and low in price. A butt hinge consists of two metal leaves that attach to a central pin. These come in a range of materials and work great as a door or cabinet door hinge.

Flap hinge

For any furniture door that needs to open upwards, flap hinges are the ideal fixing. When in use, flap hinges will lie flat. This makes them a great choice for bars or countertops. Some flap hinges use a simple mechanism. More expensive versions, for example some from our Blum hinge range, will come with braking, locking and soft-close mechanisms.

Finial hinge

If you’re looking for something that is both functional and aesthetically appealing, finial hinges are the ideal fixing. Finial hinges come in a variety of styles such as a butt hinge or flush hinge. The main difference is they feature a decorative tip on the metal pin. These are great for adding character to classic or older wooden doors.

Bi-fold hinge

An ideal hinge for optimal range of motion is a bi-fold hinge. The way the mechanism works in a bi-fold hinge allows the door and panel to pivot both ways. A common application of a bi-fold hinge is as a corner cabinet door hinge.

Still unsure which door hinge you need for your project? For more information about any of the cabinet door hinges mentioned in this article, get in contact with us. We stock a wide range of furniture fittings and fixings available to order online today. Fill out our contact form or send us an email at