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A Guide To Solid Oak Dovetail Drawer Boxes

 |  Furniture Tips
solid oak dovetail drawer box in blue

Drawers are an essential part of a home. From the bedroom to kitchen, they are usually found in all living spaces. They are a feature that is often overlooked, despite their frequent use. Read on to explore our guide to a particular type of drawer – the Dovetail drawer.

What are Dovetail Drawers?

Dovetail drawers are a type of drawer construction that uses dovetail joints to connect the drawer front to the sides. Using this method of construction is very strong and durable. The interlocking dovetail shape prevents the drawer from pulling apart. Dovetail drawer boxes are commonly used in furniture making, particularly in high-end cabinetry and drawers for storage. Their smooth operation, as well as their ability to hold a large amount of weight without sagging is major plus. On top of this, they are often considered as a mark of quality and craftsmanship.

Solid Oak Dovetail Drawer Boxes

Using solid oak for dovetail drawers is important because it provides a number of benefits. Oak is a hardwood that encompasses durability and strength, making it an ideal choice for a piece of furniture that will be used frequently, such as a drawer. Solid Oak is also known for its resistance to wear and tear, which means that it will maintain its appearance and function for many years. Additionally, oak is a very attractive wood that can be stained or finished to match any decor. It has a beautiful natural grain and warm colour that can enhance the overall aesthetic of the piece of furniture. Lastly, Oak is also a sustainable and renewable resource when sourced from responsible forests.  Solid Oak Dovetail Drawer Boxes are not only functional, but also a sustainable and beautiful addition to any furniture piece.

Made to measure drawers

Our Solid Oak Dovetail Drawer Boxes are made to measure. This allows the storage drawers to have a tailored fit for the specific needs and dimensions of the piece of furniture or the space. This creates a perfect fit that looks like it was a built-in product. At SCF Hardware, our bespoke drawers come with a choice of stained or lacquered to fit the style and aesthetic desired. With this in mind, they can be custom built to look like they are an original part of the piece, rather than an afterthought. The custom built drawers also offer the opportunity to incorporate unique features such as special hardware fittings to match the overall look of the piece. They also give you the ability to have a unique, one-of-a-kind piece that reflects your personal taste and style.

Explore the rest of our product range through our online store. Here you can see our wide range of styles and designs for all interior types. For more information on the Solid Oak Dovetail Drawer Boxes mentioned in this article, get in contact with us. We also stock a wide range of furniture fixings and fittings with free UK delivery on orders over £120. Fill out our contact form or send us an email at today.