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A Brief History of Cabinet Hardware

 |  Furniture News

As a furniture fittings company with expertise in cabinet hardware for 30 years, it has been fascinating to see the changes in functionality and aesthetic trends as the decades roll on. But, the evolution of cabinet handles and knobs goes much further back in time, some old trends still appear throughout homes today. If you want to learn more about the history of your furniture fittings and cabinet hardware, here is a brief history segmented across three key historical time periods.

Cabinet Hardware in the Victorian Era

The Victorian Era is probably the most poignant era throughout the history of furniture and cabinet hardware. Due to the increase in accessibility and affordability, factories were then able to manufacture cabinet hardware on mass production lines. Whilst this was promising, the mass production of cabinet handles and knobs meant that many manufacturers had to be very competitive; with the aim of standing out in the market. This resulted in the development of many new eccentric styles of cabinet handles, knobs and other cabinet furniture fittings, renovating them into decorative feature pieces.

The Modern Age’s Take on Cabinet Handles & Knobs

The Modern Age, lasting from the 1930’s to the 1950’s, saw another change in the furniture and cabinet fittings industry. With highly decorative design now fading out, furniture fittings and hardware became much more simplistic. The main focus of cabinet handles and knobs within this era was to provide a more functional purpose, rather than a sole focus on aesthetic appeal.

Cabinet Fittings in the Contemporary Period

Following the Modern Age came the Contemporary period, which combined the functionality and aesthetic appeal together. The interior design movement took off, with a huge amount of different styles and trends launching at a fast rate. Now, cabinet hardware designers cater different shapes and textures to create different aesthetics to suit a variety of interior preferences. From clean cut cabinet handles with a clinical feel, to patterned or engraved classic cabinet knobs with odes to the Victorian era.

To learn more about the history of cabinet fittings or to enquire about our range of cabinet handles and knobs, contact our friendly team of experts by calling 0800 298 7141. We offer expert advice and installation support!