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7 Hinge Types Stocked At SCF Hardware And Their Applications

 |  Furniture Tips

Although they can sometimes be overlooked, hinges are often a crucial component of any project. Despite being unseen in many cases, different hinges can have very different usability and functionality. So, it’s important to know what hinge will be suitable for different furniture fixings or kitchen fittings.  Read on to find out what types of hinges we stock at SCF Hardware and how each of them is best used.

Hinge Plates

Hinge plates are used as the base of hinges. They are mounted to a door or cabinet and then a hinge can be easily attached. You can use these in conjunction with several soft close hinges that are perfect for a range of kitchen fittings.

Butt Hinges

As one of the most common hinges in residential homes, butt hinges are well regarded for their simplicity and effectiveness. The main application for butt hinges is in interior household doors. Normally, two are strong enough to hold up a door. However, three butt hinges can give more strength that will prevent twisting and movement over time. Cabinet butt hinges are also a simple and effective way of mounting cabinet doors to a unit.

Concealed Kitchen Hinges

Concealed kitchen hinges and concealed cabinet hinges are designed to be discreet. This means that behind closed doors, concealed cabinet hinges are completely invisible. These types of hinges offer several benefits. The main factor being that they look much cleaner and neater than a traditional hinge. A concealed hinge is also less likely to become dirty and worn over time so will require less cleaning on furniture fixings.

Flap Hinges

Flap hinges are uniquely designed to lie flat when in operation. Unlike a cabinet butt hinge, a flap hinge will have a maximum opening angle of 90 degrees that will allow it to open and remain fixed in place. This means a flap hinge is perfectly suited for drop-down cabinet doors.

Flush Hinges

Flush hinges are very similar in operation to a cabinet butt hinge. The main difference comes when fitting flush hinges. They are designed to allow one leaf to fit inside the other, this means that you do not need to cut a recess in the door. This gives the flush hinge a significant advantage over a butt hinge.

Lift Up/Drop Down Systems

Lift up cabinet hinges such as the Aventos HK are very useful in a range of applications in kitchen fittings. They work well in wall cabinets and are a useful furniture fittings in high cabinets. Unlike flap hinges, lift up cabinet hinges will have a mechanism that allows them to lift and hold in place. This allows the user to use minimal effort when opening and closing which is perfect for a cabinet that might be a little bit more inaccessible than others.

Misc Hinges

As well as the hinge types we have already mentioned, we stock a variety of miscellaneous hinges at SCF Hardware. These are suitable for a variety of purposes. For example, Piano hinges are perfect for distributing weight across a large surface area and are very easy to install. Push to open hinges are great for kitchen fittings. They are also invisible from the outside of the units which creates a very tidy aesthetic.

From concealed cabinet hinges, to flush hinges, cabinet butt hinges, and more, discover our selection of hinges online today! Browse our website to view the full range of furniture fixings or the hinges discussed in this article. If you have any questions about which hinges will be suitable for your project, get in touch with us. Email and one of our SCF Hardware team will be happy to help.

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