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3 Fun Alternative Uses for a Shoe Rack Fitting

 |  Furniture Tips

Shoe rack fittings are incredibly useful storage tools and are popular amongst homeowners for keeping shoes neat and tidy. Whilst they are well-loved for their primary purpose of utilising storage space for shoes, there are plenty of other fun alternative uses for shoe racks that your customers will love. The versatility of shoe racks means they are a worthwhile investment, attracting customers with varying interests and preferences. We stock adjustable, pull out and telescopic shoe racks to cater for a range of furniture.

Here are a few ways your customers can utilise a shoe rack and why they are such a resourceful asset:

Children’s Toy Storage

Using a shoe rack fitting for storing toys is great for attracting customers who have children. Gone are the days of cluttered mess across the floor, a shoe rack can make for a unique display that works well with larger toys. This will help children to clearly see what toys they have, meaning they are more likely to play with them and put them back.

Bathroom Cupboard Storage Saviour

We all understand the frustration of rummaging through numerous products and trinkets in bathroom drawers to find one vital item! If it troubles you, imagine how your customers feel. Advise your customers that a shoe rack fitting makes a great addition to their bathroom cupboards. A few wicker baskets on each shelf does the trick, which can be filled with different types of items, e.g. shower gels, sanitary products, flannels, etc. This makes it much easier to find the most used bathroom items, encouraging tidier, more organised living.

Handbag Storage

If your customers already have an effective shoe storage solution, a shoe rack fitting can come in very ‘handy’ for the handbag lover! A shoe rack fitting is a great way for homeowners to keep all their handbags in one place. It is also a useful method of being able to switch out different handbags without the hassle of rummaging through a box, facilitating easy access.

For more information about how shoe rack fittings can become a versatile furniture piece for your customers, our experts at SCF Hardware are here to help. If you are interested in purchasing shoe rack fittings in bulk, don’t forget we offer exclusive prices to trade customers. Sign up for a trade account today to get access to over 100,000 furniture fittings. Contact us by calling 0800 298 7141 to speak to a member of our team today!

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