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4 Efficient Products That Maximise Wardrobe Space

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Keeping a wardrobe tidy and organised is quite often a difficult challenge. In particular where everything is modular, wardrobe fittings are a great solution to tackle the problem. What’s more, they offer a quick and easy way of managing wardrobe space in sufficient time. Below we discuss four of the most efficient products that maximise space in any wardrobe.

Adjustable shoe racks

Wardrobe fittings such as shoe racks are efficient because they make items more accessible. For maximising wardrobe space, an adjustable shoe rack is a great solution. Although stationary shoe racks work the same, an adjustable shoe rack provides more flexibility. This is because they have the functionality of opening beyond the wardrobe’s interior space. At SCF Hardware, we stock some of the most sought-after shoe holder models. These include the Telescopic Shoe Rack, Adjustable Shoe Rack, and Pull Out Shoe Rack. These are highly versatile as they suit all types of wardrobe design. Whether it’s modern, traditional, fitted, or free-standing, shoe holders adapt with ease to any existing wardrobe style.

Wardrobe storage baskets

Wardrobe storage baskets can divide easily into compartments. They provide easy access to items and restore convenience in otherwise cluttered spaces. With wardrobes that have unused space, using storage drawers is the best way of making more with less. Wardrobe storage baskets also offer an attractive and structured finish. The Pull Out Wardrobe Storage Baskets stocked by SCF Hardware have a stylish and simplistic design. Made to suit contemporary and minimalistic styles, they come in a sleek white finish. These wardrobe fittings are available in various cabinet widths and provide easy-fitting applications.

Closet organisers

Closet organisers can come in many forms. These could be hanging organisers, detachable shelves, or even drawer dividers. All of these transform the space within a wardrobe to provide much-needed extra storage. Drawer dividers function in any drawer, whether in a wardrobe, bedside table, or in the kitchen. Depending on the amount of available space and type of wardrobe, different wardrobe fittings will be suitable. For small spaces, drawer dividers will be most effective. For wardrobe interiors with more space, consider opting for hanging organisers or detachable shelves.

Clothes hanging rails

Sometimes all it takes is a quick switch up. Buying new clothes hanging rails or repositioning them will provide a fast and easy upgrade to enhance the space. Doing so also saves the need for getting new furniture altogether. Steel wardrobe rails offer a contemporary look that blends in with many styles. The material is also strong and robust to support hanging several items. When fixed in the correct place, more space is freed up.

If you’re looking for the right product to fit a specific wardrobe interior, contact us today. We have a range of high-quality products to organise wardrobes with ease. Browse our selection of wardrobe fittings online today and receive free UK delivery when you spend £120. For further product advice, get in touch by emailing or calling 0800 298 7141.