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4 Different Types Of Drawer Runners And How They Work

 |  Furniture Tips

Part of designing any furniture fitting for a bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen involves choosing a suitable drawer runner. The importance of drawer runners can easily be overlooked, but they are a crucial component of any project.  

At SCF Hardware we stock a range of different drawer runners which all have different characteristics and uses. All our drawer runner hardware fits into 4 different categories. These include ball bearing drawer runners, bottom fix, push to open, and soft close drawer runners. Each type of drawer runner will give you a slightly different finish, so it is important to consider which is going to be suitable for your project. Read on to discover the 4 main types of drawer runners and how each works. 

Ball Bearing Drawer Runners 

One of the most common types of drawer runner hardware is the ball bearing draw runner. Its movement is facilitated by metal ball bearings. The main function of this is to allow for a smooth opening and closing motion. Another key benefit is that a ball bearing drawer runner will make little to no noise. This makes it ideal for a bathroom or kitchen drawer runner. At SCF Hardware we offer a range of ball bearing drawer runners including combined Soft Close Ball Bearing Drawer Runners. Browse our full selection online to view more. 

Bottom Fix Drawer Runners 

For a lighter and more affordable option, it is worth considering a bottom fix drawer runner. A bottom fix drawer runner has a much simpler mechanism than a ball bearing drawer runner. This makes it ideal for living room and bedroom furniture. These are lightweight, easy to install and very reasonably priced. You can purchase a bottom fix drawer runner on our online store at SCF Hardware. 

Soft Close Drawer Runners 

The idea behind a soft close drawer runner is that it will always operate with a smooth motion. This motion finishes with a gentle close regardless of the force applied when closing the drawer. Soft close drawer runners are ideal for sophisticated furniture fittings as they have a very premium mechanism for usability. Soft close drawer runners also come in a variety of styles. Take a look at the full extension drawer runner from Hettich for more inspiration. 

Push To Open Drawer Runners 

Another premium furniture fitting that is ideal as a kitchen drawer runner is a push to open drawer runnerPush to open drawer runners have a major advantage over all other types of draw runner hardware. Because they are operated with a simple push to open mechanism, they do not need a handle. This is great for creating a seamless finish on any furniture fitting. 

At SCF Hardware we stock a range of drawer runner hardware suitable for any kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom furniture. To find the perfect drawer runner for your project, browse our full collections online.  

For help with product specifications or making an order, contact us. You can email or fill out an online contact form. Remember to sign up for the SCF trade account for discounts and access to exclusive deals!  

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